Pennsylvania Tax Information


Pennsylvania State Income Tax:    3.07% on earned and unearned income.


Philadelphia City Wage Tax:           4.301% on wages of residents.

                                                       3.77164% on wages of non-residents.


Philadelphia Net Profits Tax:          4.310% on business income of residents.

                                                      3.7716% on business income of non-residents.


Philadelphia Business Privilege Tax:    .2400 mills of gross receipts.

                                                              6.5% on net income.


Philadelphia School Income Tax:    4.5385% on unearned income.


Townships & Boroughs Wage Taxes:     Various wage taxes may apply.


Philadelphia Real Estate Property Millage:        82.64 mills on assessed value of Real Estate.


Township & Boroughs Real Estate Millage:       Various.


Real Estate Transfer Taxes

Pennsylvania:             1% of sale price.

Philadelphia:               3% of sale price.

Townships & Boroughs :    1% to 2% of sale price.


Pennsylvania Sales & Use Tax              6% on non-necessities.


Philadelphia Sales & Use Tax              7% on non-necessities.


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